iCSi patient associations

The iCSi community extends around the world with 53 patient associations representing patients in 41 countries.

Wunschkind (Germany)

Wunschkind (Germany)
Contact Person: Petra Thorn, Ph.D.
Office: Fehrbelliner Str. 92
Berlin 10119 Germany
Tel: +49 180-500 2166
Fax: +49 180-500 2166
Email: Kontakt@wunschkind.de
Website: http://www.wunschkind.de/

Wunschkind ("the child you wish for") is the German patient organization for infertility founded in 1995. Wunschkind e.V.  is an umbrella organization for regional self-help and support groups. It aims to improve access to medical treatment and reimbursement and to destigmatize infertility.